Abbaye Sainte Marie de Maumont

Monastic hospitality

Monastic hospitality in the heart
of charente countryside

hospitalite abbaye maumont

Individual Retreats
Come for an experience of silence and prayer. Retreatants may eat in silence, if they wish. They may also meet with a sister.

Groups Retreats
A sister helps groups reflect on vital aspects of the Christian life. Each retreat focusses on a specific theme.

Presentation of the Liturgy
for Sundays and Feast Days. At 6:00 on Saturday nights, the eve of Feast Days, and during the Easter Triduum, a sister presents the liturgy for the following day.

A week of monastic life in community
These retreats are for women who feel called to the monastic life.

hospitalite abbaye maumobt accueil
accueil hotellerie abbaye maumont